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These regulations set out rules for transaction online store MissSpark Shop, acting at: shop.missspark.com. MissSpark online store is run by Agnieszka Iskierka - Spławiec based in the UK. Company No: 08547462.
Contact details:
24c Nightingale Lane
Wanstead E11 2U.
Tel Mobile: 0048 518 811 279
Customer service: info@missspark.com


The following terms shall have the following
(with reference to the expressions in the singular shall also apply to expressions in the plural and vice versa)
1) The Seller - "MissSpark" Agnieszka Iskierka - Spławiec.
2) Client - a natural person (with full legal capacity and 18 years of age) as well as a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality.
3) Store, services - online shop MissSpark Shop, run by the Seller at the Internet address / website www.shop.missspark.com.
4) Products - clothes and accessories available in the store.
5) Price - the price for each product placed on the Website www.shop.missspark.com. Prices are in Polish zloty and are gross prices. They do not include the cost of supply (shipping) Product to the location specified by the customer.
6) The cost of delivery, shipping Product - the cost of delivery of the product ordered by the customer between the Store and the place designated by the Customer.
7) Order - instruction to purchase product (offer to purchase) deposited in the store by the Customer in accordance with the Regulations.
8) Day - a day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
9) Website Store - website at www.shop.missspark.com
10) Law - the Law of 2 March 2000. On protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws of 2000 no. 22 item. 271 as amended.).
12) Regulations - means the present rules of procedure.


The sales agreement is subject to the conditions specified in the Regulations, between Customer and Reseller. The consolidation, protection and disclosure of relevant provisions of the agreements concluded by means of distance communication takes place by printing and handing Client specifications of purchased products with the delivery of the Products. Contracts concluded by means of distance communication used Act.


Information about products in the store listed on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Law.


1. Through the page www.shop.missspark.com customer places an order, which is an offer to purchase Goods.
2. Upon receipt of the Order seller verifies that the product is in stock Store and confirms this information by electronic means (within 24 hours on working days) by sending an e-mail to the address given when placing orders. Confirmation of the availability of the Goods and prices is also acceptance of the offer to purchase.
3. In the event that the selected product is ever-present, Shop shall immediately contact the customer informed about it.
4. Confirmation of the Order (confirmation of availability of goods and prices) by the store or the acceptance of the offer by the Client Shop, represent the conclusion of the contract of sale.
5. If you select the Customer form of payment by bank transfer, Paypal ordered goods must be reserved until payment is booked from the customer account Seller, however no longer than 3 working days after order confirmation or e-mail accepting the offer of the Seller.
6. In case of reasonable doubt regarding complex orders, the Seller reserves the right to additional verification of customer data, eg. Through telephone contact. Seller reserves the right to refuse an order in the following cases:
- Improper filling the order form.
- After two unsuccessful attempts confirmation e-mail orders,
- An order in violation of these Rules.
- Price is the result of an obvious mistake vendors or system error,
- The price has not been paid by the customer within a prescribed period.

7. [Register on the Web Site Store] registration is one. With each purchase the customer uses a pre-set on the Store website login and password (login and password are confidential; update the data provided at registration after use by the Client predetermined login and password). Seller is not responsible for any damage caused by disclosure username or password by the Client to third parties and for the lack of updates.

8. [Effect orders] Placing orders is tantamount to signing a contract of sale and acceptance Shop Regulations in the version of the Order and the granting of consent to receive commercial information within the meaning of the Act on provision of services electronically, in accordance with the Regulations (unless the customer has given separate consent ). Terms of the contract of sale specified in the Rules, applicable law and any individual agreements between the Seller and the Customer.

9. [order confirmation] After placing an order, the client will receive an automatic feedback from the Website Store confirming receipt of orders and handing it to be implemented.


1. [Currency & parts prices] Product prices are denominated in PLN and are gross. Prices do not include the cost of delivery of ordered products. Product prices given for each commodity are valid until stocks are used up.

2. [binding nature of prices] Information about the price of products listed on the Store's website
It is binding - under the Act - after the final confirmation of all the essential elements of contracts (from this point will not change regardless of changes in prices of the products in the store) until completion of the Order.

3. [Price Change] Seller reserves the right to make date changes in product prices in the offer Store and carry and cancel promotions and sales, such changes do not affect the order placed before the date of its entry into force, the prices and conditions the shares will in such a case the projects carried out so far.

4. [Promotions] Promotions in the shop are not subject to the merger. In the case of discounted products no additional discount no longer applies.

5. [Payment] There are ways to pay for products in the form of a prepayment to the bank account specified in the Regulations Store:
- By bank transfer on-line;
- Paypal on the terms and in accordance with the rules in force at this site;
- Cash on delivery only after prior contact with the Seller: info@missspark.com.
This option does not apply to projects created specifically for size and individual needs.

6. Payment may be changed according to the information on the Store's website.

7. In special cases, the Seller reserves the right to separate arrangements with the Customer conditions and forms of payment for the ordered goods.

8. [data transfer] In the case of a payment by bank transfer or payment to the bank account of the Seller, on the transfer order should be placed in the transfer title: Client's name and order number.

9. [A bank account Store] The fee should be transferred to the bank account Store (we are in the process of changing the bill).

10. [The payment deadline] customer should pay for the product within 3 days from the date of the Order. In the absence of payment within that period, it is considered that the customer has withdrawn from the sales contract and the product is issued again for sale.


1. [How to make procurement] Making of ordering is possible 24 hours a day every day of the year. Telephone contact is possible on Business Days from 10:00 - 19:00
on tel. mobile: 0048 518 811 279.

2. [Instrument sales] The product covered by the order is delivered to the Customer by the Seller, together with the sales document.

3. [Territory] Orders are on the territory of UK, Poland.

4. [Delivery method] Seller will carry out the delivery of the ordered product in the territory specified in Article IV, paragraph. 5 by means of:
- Courier mail, sent by courier chosen by the Seller - for domestic shipments;
- Post Polskiej- for domestic shipments and international.

5. [term of the contract] term of the contract is the time to prepare the Product for shipment and time of its delivery to the customer. The term of orders is up to 7 Business Days and in some cases (eg. The lack of availability of the Product) may be extended (which retailer will inform the customer via e-mail or in the description of the product on the shop's website). In case of projects tailored and customized customer waiting time is approximately 14 working days from the appearance of the payment on the account.
The term of the contracts is calculated from the payment accounting date for the product on the Seller's bank account when paying by bank transfer or credit card. Execution of orders will begin on the next business day immediately following the date on which payment for the Product has been posted and in case of necessity verification of orders - in the next following Business Day immediately following the day on which it has been verified.

6. [Notification to send the consignment] The departure of the consignment informed customer is a separate e-mail.

7. [Delivery courier] Courier is delivered on weekdays for hours. 19 of this. In the case of not collecting the Client courier delivery within 24 hours after receipt of the notice by sending Store Product advised to contact the courier company to get the number of the courier and confirm the date of delivery.

8. [Return Policy] In the case of non-delivery shipment to the customer and return the package to the store. There, after verification of the data provided by the Client in the Order again will direct shipment to the customer.

9. [Shipping Product] Product Delivery cost depends on the chosen method of payment and delivery forms. Shipping costs according to price list of the provider are available on the Store website: www.shop.missspark.com FAQ.

10. [Control Packaging] All shipments of the products are controlled by the Seller and packed under his supervision.

11. [Non-availability of the Product] If the Seller is unable to fulfill contracts because of the unavailability of the ordered Product, notify the customer immediately, but no later than 5 Business Days from the date of the contract by the customer, and if it has to pay - returns within 7 Days all the amount received.


1. If the customer receives a damaged shipment indicating the interference of a third party should verify the contents of the consignment, check whether it complies with the Order made by him and possibly refuse its adoption. In the case of non-compliance found the carrier is required to draw up a complaint protocol.

2. If a received packet does not wear the exterior signs of damage, and after unpacking customer said loss or damage shall have the right to call for yourself Carrier delivering the shipment, promptly, but not later than within 3 days of delivery and request transcribe the relevant protocol.
The right to draw up a report within 3 days of your receipt provides that a person who requests a determination of its status must prove that the damage occurred between the time of acceptance of your shipment, and its release.

3. With regard to Article. 27 of the Act of 30 May 2014. On the Protection of Consumer Rights (hereinafter the "Act"), Customer who is a consumer has a right to withdraw from the contract of sale within 14 days from the date of the Goods.

4. Goods should be returned immediately, not later than 14 days from the date of withdrawal, in the same state. The consumer is responsible for a reduction in the value of things as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things. The product must be unused, have the original packaging, tags and be undamaged.
Projects tailor dimension can not be returned because they are made to individual order and tailor-made, sizes and proportions authority person.
    The desire to return, exchange or claim the goods must be notified by email info@missspark.com.
    To sent package must be accompanied by proof of purchase and return the signed application form / replacement or complaints sent by mail by an employee of the store.
5. Returned Goods or product to be delivered the Seller.

6. The price of the Goods, cost of delivery will be returned to the customer in the form designated by him immediately, not later than 14 days after the withdrawal by the customer from the contract (the buyer is obliged to choose the cheapest shipping method offered by the vendor and the amounts to be reimbursed are the shipping costs).

7. In the case of termination of the contract of sale both Seller and Client being a consumer are obliged to return everything (can not deteriorated), which received from the other party under the contract (refundable well as shipping).

8. [Replacement Product] Client with the consent of the Seller may replace the product with another, as long as the desire Sellers report (via e-mail to the following address: info@missspark.com) within 14 days from the day of delivery.
The requirements listed above for the return of the Product do not affect or restrict the rights of the Customer to lodge a complaint in accordance with the law and must be interpreted -in relation to customers who are consumers - in accordance with applicable law.

9. [Settlement in case of replacement of the Product] In the case of replacement of the Product, payment for the product the price will be offset against the newly ordered Product prices, a possible difference in price will then be paid by the client or returned by the Seller to the Client's bank account.

10. [The Seller] vendor, to clients who are consumers, is responsible for non-compliance of the Product of the contract in accordance with the Law on special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code. Seller due to customers not being consumers, responds to the principles set out in the Civil Code.

11. The complaint of defective goods purchased in the store, provisions are applicable universally applicable. In case of complaint please fill out a complaint form.

12. customer complaint form should state their reasons and should include contact details such as: min. phone number or email address.

13. [non-conformity] seller shall be liable to clients who are consumers for non-conformity. If a consumer product is inconsistent with the contract, the buyer may require bringing it into compliance with the agreement by free repair or replacement with new, unless the repair or replacement are impossible or require excessive costs.

14. Buyer loses the powers set out in point. 13, before the expiry of one year from the observation of non-compliance of consumer goods with the contract does not notify the seller. To meet the deadline is enough to send notice before its expiry. The seller is responsible for the inconsistency of consumer goods with the contract only if its findings before the expiry of two years from the date of the goods to the buyer.

18. Seller is not responsible for the inconsistency of consumer goods with the contract, the buyer of this incompatibility knew or assessing reasonably should have known.

19. Seller will address the client's request indicated in point. 13 within 14 days from the date of notification of non-conformity.

20. [The procedure for dealing with complaints in the case of customers not being consumers] If the complaint is accepted, defective product will be replaced by another full blown or repaired, and if it is not possible (for example due to his exhaustion) Shop will return equivalent to the price of the Product.

21. [Other] If the complaint is deemed unfounded, Shop determined with the client via e-mail or purchased product will be returned to the customer, or be disposed of.
In the event that (positive consideration) complaint Shop Customer returns the costs associated with returning Product advertised within 3 working days. Shipping costs are reimbursed according to the price list of the supplier (the buyer is obliged to choose the cheapest shipping method offered by the vendor and the amounts to be reimbursed are the shipping costs).

22. [No grounds for complaint] Complaints about the difference in the appearance of products ordered from received that result solely from the difference in the parameter settings of your computer monitor client, in particular insignificant difference in colors and shades, do not constitute grounds for complaint Product. Complaints are not also mechanical damage (bruises, abrasions), discoloration, soaking Product. Returned products must be carefully packed and protected (best film bombelkową), so they are not damaged during transport. Seller always carefully packed and protects the products sent to the Client. Failure to meet the Customer with these requirements may lead to mechanical damage, cracks, fractures, bending, which as mentioned above also are not subject to the Complaint.

23. [forms] Client should make refunds, cancellation of sales, replace, or file a complaint through the forms sent by the employee Store.


1. [Consent - personal data] Client by sending orders consent to the collection of their personal data by the Seller, for purposes relating to the conclusion and execution of the sale agreement concluded by the adoption of products and processing orders for the needs related to the implementation of the Agreement, and if you agree through form, also for marketing and promotional purposes in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29 August 1997. (Dz. U. No. 133, pos. 883).
2. [Administrator] personal data administrator is the Seller.
3. [processing of personal data customers] Seller processes personal information collected from customers in a manner consistent with the scope of the authorization granted by the Client and the requirements of Polish law, in particular in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. Personal Data Protection (Dz. U . No. 133, item. 883, as amended. d.) and the Act of 18 July 2002. on the provision of electronic services (Dz. U. No 144, item. 1204).
Collected personal data customer is treated as a separate database and stored on a server in a special area that provides adequate protection.
4. [The right to verify, modify and delete personal data] Seller provides each client, who filled out the registration form or otherwise made available their personal access to data relating to him for the purpose of verification, modification or deletion.
5. [Sharing your data] customers' personal data are not transferred, sold and disposed of to a third party unless that happens with the express consent or request, or at the request authorized under the law of state bodies for the purposes of their investigations .
6. [Consent - receive commercial information] Client can further through the registration form and the signs they choose, you consent to receive from the Seller the information of a commercial nature and trade. This information can be passed on to the customer min. by means of electronic communication or on paper. Consent is not subject to registration in the store. Customers purchasing in the store agrees to transfer their e -mail vendors and the processing of personal data by the store the customer in order to send messages electronically (in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29.08.1997).
7. [Permissions Client] Client shall have the right to inspect the contents of my personal data and to correct them, as well as the deletion requests.


1. [Right to Privacy] Shop protects the right to privacy of its customers.
2. [Cookie] There may be used for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of its actions and campaigns tzw.pliki cookie placed on your computer when you click the Client or seeing an advertisement. They do not contain personal information or contact information. You can lock the collection of this information by blocking (off) cookies in client computer's settings. However, note that disabling cookies may affect the accuracy and / or performance of some websites. In particular, some websites may stop working, so do not recommend that you disable cookies. For, after all, turn off cookies, change your browser settings not to accept such files or informed about the transfer. Viewers also give the opportunity to erase all or specified by the client cookie on your computer without blocking them.
3. [Contact details] Contact details with the Seller, including contact on issues related to privacy, are found in the Contact section.


1. [Responsibilities Vendors] Seller is not responsible for the consequences of inappropriate or inconsistent with the Regulations to make orders by the customer, in particular of malfunctioning completing the registration form or the order form. Subject to the mandatory provisions of law, to customers who are not consumers, Seller's liability is limited to actual damages and does not include lost profits and subject to the prices.
2. [Revision of the Rules] We reserve the right to change the provisions of the Regulations, in duly justified cases, including when the need for change is a direct result of changes in the law. Customers will be informed about changes in the Regulations by placing information about changes on the shop's website, together with an indication of the end of the Regulations of the list of changes and the date of the particular changes. Any changes to the Regulations become effective within 2 weeks of their publication in the manner described in the preceding sentence. Changing the Rules shall not affect the rights acquired related to already concluded sales contracts and orders placed by customers prior to the entry into force of amendments to the Regulations will be implemented according to the existing provisions of the Regulations. Users with User Account will be further informed by the Service by sending an e-mail to the address indicated by them on the registration form, information containing the list of amendments to the Rules. Informing about changes in the Regulations, no later than 14 calendar days before the introduction of the amended Regulations. In a situation where the user with the user account does not accept the new Regulations is obliged to notify this fact to the Service Provider within 14 days from the date of notification of a titre Regulations.
3. [The relevant provisions] In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the Civil Code or other laws applicable to the activities and functioning Shop. Products for the contract of sale in the store are used english law. Product sales agreement is concluded in English or Polish.
4. Information and photographs of goods and products presented at the Seller at www.shop.missspark.com are protected by copyright law. No copying, distribution and presentation on other websites.

5. [entry into force of the Regulations] The Regulations are applicable from 20.01.2015 r.