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Satin jacket WILD THING
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About the brand
Satin bomber with beautiful horses applications created from drawings designer Agnes Iskierka. Applications are on the front and the back. The jacket is made of satin silk. Double-sided. Finished with orange quilted cloth inside. Waiting period: 14 days of payment.

Agnieszka Iskierka: "I love animals, but you already know! :) After foxes, deers, rabbits finally came time for the horses ♥ This beautiful animals and so extremely difficult to draw them, to give a real, wild nature! It's me just most of them enchanted! ♥ "

Size: M (oversize)
Embroidered patches with the logo MissSpark and badges of horses.
Bust: 115cm.
Sleeve length measured from the puller at the neck: 72cm.
The length of the jacket: 66cm.
Circuit puller at the bottom: 86cm.
Other sizes are made to order: info@missspark.com.

We recommend dry cleaning agents not containing perchlorethylene, using the program for delicates.using the program for delicate fabrics.
Traditional drying, preferably in a horizontal position, or on the rack.
Do not spin. Do not bleach. Do not use aggressive detergents.
Steam ironing accordance with the recommendations for polyester satin.

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Courier in POLAND: 20PLN regardless of weight and number of pieces.
TIME DELIVERY: Shipment will ship the same business day or the day after the payment. In the case of projects sewn to size the date of dispatch is determined individually.

Most often we send foreign shipments via UK POST & POLISH POST, because it is the cheapest solution.
Please previous contact: info@missspark.com in order to determine shipping costs for a given area.

"MissSpark - a brand created by the designer Agnieszka Iskierka (MA art, graphics, jeweler). The vision was to create a brand where every element is unique and distinctive. MissSpark inspiration mostly comes from the observation of animals and nature. Her belief, openness and worship of color MissSpark can atribute to her travels.

For the designer there is nothing better than to express the style in production of custom fabrics and the application prints. Agnieszka creates them with her own drawings. Graphics flora and fauna that can be seen on the projects were inspired by the beginnings of a European natural history - research Aristotle and Pliny the natural world. Nature on fabric is drawn with technical precision, but also with funny grotesque, which creates her style collection.

MissSpark is not just a brand. This botanical world parallel to the existing reality with its own atmosphere, characters and symbols. The designer invites you to enter to a world of color, to look at ordinary things from the different perspective.

MissSpark is present in major fashion sites and in the press. The brand loved by celebrities and blogs. "