"MissSpark - a brand created by the designer Agnieszka Iskierka (MA art, graphics, jeweler). The vision was to create a brand where every element is unique and distinctive. Inspiration MissSpark mostly come from the observation of animals and nature. His belief, openness and worship color MissSpark thanks to his many travels.
For the designer there is nothing better than to express the style of production custom fabrics, the application prints. Agnieszka creates them with his own drawings. Graphics flora and fauna that can be seen on the projects were inspired by the beginnings of a European natural history - research Aristotle and Pliny the natural world. Nature on fabric is drawn with technical precision, but also how funny grotesque, which creates style collection.
MissSpark is not just a brand. This botanical world parallel to the existing reality with its own atmosphere, characters and symbols. The designer invites you to enter to him to look at ordinary things from the other side.
MissSpark is present in major fashion sites and in the press. The brand Loved by celebrities and blogs. "